About py-dep

The py-dep provides parsing the dependencies of Python packages and generating the metadata for graph.

The graph data is for NetworkX, Graphviz, blockdiag, Linkdraw, etc.


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  • Python 2.7 over or Python 3.3 over or PyPy 2.4.0 over
  • pip 1.5.6 or 6.1.1 over
  • wheel 0.24.0 over
  • NetworkX 1.9 over
  • pylibmc 1.4.3 over (optional)


  • Generating Linkdraw data (JSON and decoded JSON).
  • Generating Networkx DiGraph object data.
  • Cache the parsed dependencies.
  • Searching packages from PyPI.

Known issue with the packages that depends on py-deps

The packages that depend on py-deps; after that called “X” package, there is a known issue that fails to install using the pip. This problem is caused by py-deps is a package that depends on the pip and wheel. When you install the “X” in the pip following exception occurs.:

The AssertionError: Multiple .dist-info directories occures, because py-deps depends on pip, wheel.


The workaround for this problem is to use setuptools instead of pip.

  • You should use the easy_install or pip install --no-use-wheel command when you are installing the X from PyPI.

  • Use the python setup.py install when you install from the source tree , such as repository.

  • When you use the Tox in unit test , you should specify install_command in [testenv] section of tox.ini.:

    install_command = easy_install {opts} {packages}

See also pgraph is already corresponding to the above-mentioned problems.